Monday, June 20, 2011

For Lauren

My sweet friend Lauren is the coolest, most stylish 9 year old I know. About 2 years ago, I met her family and became the nanny to her and baby brother Andrew. I loved playing with Andrew all day, but always looked forward to 3'oclock when it was time to pick up Lauren from school. She always had something new up her sleeve. She was my dance partner for our High School Musial dance performances. She kept me in the loop on the second grade lingo. She made me wish I was back in elementary school again. When I asked Lauren what she like about being a kid she replied, "I'm footloose and fancy-free." She is like the little sister I never had. I just love her cool style and sense of humor. Even though I don't get to see her everyday, she is still my little buddy.  I hope my little Isabelle is a sweetheart just like Lauren.

When Lauren's bedroom got redecorated, I just had to do something fun to match the room. She is all about the bright colors, peace-signs, and all that fun stuff. I was excited to paint something cool and funky to match her new bedroom.

Each canvas is 6 x 6" with 3/4" sides.
$15 per painting

Tween Fun; 18 x 24"; acrylic on canvas; $120

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