About Me

Hey y'all! Thank you for visiting my blog. Let me share a just  little bit about myself...

Well, for starters, I have a toddler named Isabelle who keeps me busy and makes me laugh everyday.  Life is a little bit more exciting with a little one around.  I have a degree from Louisiana Tech University in Fine Arts with a concentration in 2D arts (drawing and painting). I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Education to get certified to teach art. I have not been painting for the past two years, but I am finally ready to jump back into it. I am excited to get back to my artwork and share it with you.

People tend to ask me what kind of paintings I paint. I do not have a certain genre that I stick to, but I usually tell them that I can TRY to paint anything (landscapes, still-lifes, animals, decorative art, etc.). I say "anything," however  I do not do portraits. I go through phases where I may be on an abstract art kick then next I focus on  decorative artwork. I am up for painting anything though. I love drawing as well. Hopefully I can turn some of my sketches into more polished pieces. When I do, I will be sure to share them with you.

If you have any ideas for a an art project, just send me an email.

I look forward to sharing my artwork and hopefully working with you on an art project!


Betsy Jackson Finklea