Pricing and Purchasing

Purchasing Artwork:  
  • All “ready made” artwork has a price listed.
  • For custom artwork: send me an email with a description of the commission and we will discuss the details.
o   Already have an idea in mind? Send me your idea, colors, and any photos to help me get an idea of the concept to create for your artwork
o   If you find something you want (i.e. in a magazine, in a store) I will develop a design that is similar, however, I do not violate copyright laws.
o   Not exactly sure what you want? Just send me an email to let me know you’re interested in purchasing a piece and we can work together to create a concept just for you.
o   Commissioned artwork will require a commission agreement and deposit. I will send the agreement for your review and signature.

*** When ordering custom artwork, we will discuss all the details of your artwork before I begin work on it.

Pricing Artwork:
  • All “ready made “ artwork has a price listed.
  • Prices for custom artwork vary. When pricing artwork I consider size, complexity of the work, supplies needed, and cost of labor.
  • For custom artwork, both parties will agree to price prior to beginning any work on your piece.